Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The International Day For Men.

So, there are things in this universe that annoy me, things I can nothing about, things like; The way Saturn's rings hang, or how people can't do simple jobs properly but then you have to interact with them, while they do their job badly, and you have no job. Standing there thinking 'I could do ya damn job if someone would just let me' really rots at the soul. Mike the fucking Knight being such a little shite.

You know, important stuff.

So, one of my pet hates is, of course, days dedicated to certain groups and how generally irritating they are. Let me explain.

On St Patrick's day I would always be dragged out by my great Irish mates and we'd bang a few back. Come St George's day and the pub's empty. That used to piss me off. Now I don't care. I celebrate what I want to and I don't get dragged into anything.

International Women's Day rocks up and everyone praises women and delivers lists of inspirational women and their hard fought contribution to society and history. That's cool, I joined in and slammed up some real life women that I admired and thought were awesome. Come International Men's Day and it's all 'every day is men's day.'

Yeah, I get it. This is obviously a patriarchal society which plays host to many a ridiculous assclown or wanker that cops a feel in the office or on the train. Newsflash; those people are arseholes 365 days a year! Boom! They are not going to be swayed by a day of highlighting what's wrong with our society. Let's face it we could make 'What's Wrong With Our Society' day everyday and it still wouldn't cover all the stupid shit we let fly, from M.P's and their pay rises to rape culture and female genital mutilation, through to casual racism and the buckling economic policies that punish the poor for not working when there are no jobs whi
le at the same time make the rich, richer.

We could do that all year round.

I think the reason I hate these'special' days is because they aren't special. They are every day. Treat people right, equally, fairly, kindly and cut ya fellow human beings some slack. That's every day. That's how it should be. But yes, I know there is inequality, and the system itself is screwed and isn't going to get any better and I know other people need these days. To hail their personal heroes, to vent about the shit they've heard said to them, to point out the incredible in someone else.

So keep the days if you want.

Today is International Men's Day, so treat it like a normal day, but add a 'thank you' to the guy on the checkout that's just trying to make ends meet and still chatted to you warmly even though he feels stuck in a job that's doesn't pay enough to really support his family. Say 'I love you,' to your father figure, be he your biological, foster, step or honoury father. Say something nice to the guy in your life that makes your day, be he your best mate, lover, husband, brother, dad, uncle, or just the guy that serves you your coffee just the way you like it.

Take these days and use them to be positive, supportive, and thankful and you are probably doing it right, and through your support and positive attitude we may activate the change that this society so desperately needs.  

So what I' saying, as each day of the year celebrates someone, is celebrate, be positive and help the people and around you. Because that's what we are meant to do, because that's what we need to do, because everyday, every single day, is a day to show compassion towards your friends, family and neighbours.

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