Friday, 1 November 2013

Nanowrimo 2013 Day one.

Today I had a full day on site and was still suffering from a hideously tough day previously. I has hoping I'd still have the energy for the Nano and it turns out I did! Yes!

Last year I posted as many days as I could, placing up a paragraph from the days work. It helped me to push myself forward and I think it helped me accept that others would see my work at some point, and that I needed to be able to show it off in all it's forms, rough and smooth.

This year I'm doing the same thing. I'll use these posts to show my progress and flash up a piece of the days takings. I'll look at that piece and try to remove obvious spelling mistakes and idiotic typos but try and leave the raw writing as it went down. This may mean that at times it's clunky, I do apologise in advance, but as it gets cleaned and edited it becomes better, sharper. For me it's important to show that the work changes from what you first type to the piece you decide is good enough to send to an agent or commit to as a self published book.

As always comment as you wish, I look forward to hearing your thoughts, but consider that this is straight out of the ground and not a cut diamond. :-)

      I was drinking from my mug of gorgeous, hot, chocolate Ovaltine when someone sat down on the chair opposite me and pouted. I’d noted her presence but greeted her approach with silent apathy. Now she was invading my space as her bodyguards stood at the bar and looked superficially tough and alert. In reality I could see the big one, who had a shaved head and I thought would probably be very handsome if he just dropped a bit of weight and went for a leaner, more approachable look, was studying the other bodyguard with some interest. The other man shifted his eyes around the bar/lounge, taking in the scene, but when he thought no-one was looking reached out a few fingers and brushed them against the big man’s arm. The effect on his friend was obvious to me, thought I was pretty sure the pretty-pop-princess in front of me had no idea what was really going on behind her.

     They made a sweet couple and I wished them all the best, though if someone offered me twenty thousand Sterling to execute one of them I’d have taken the job. Business is business after all. 

None tomorrow as I'm on a stag do for a good mate, but watch this space Sunday. :-)

Thanks for reading.       

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