Friday, 15 November 2013

Nanowrimo 2013, Day Fifteen. Better Times.

Day fourteen sucked, day fifteen is a much happier animal. Got plot flowing, voice moving, character in a better place and some confidence back. I'm sure it won't last a particularly long time, but a day like this is invaluable in terms of morale.

Here come the words...

     I stepped into the hall and looked around, listening for the tell tale silence that came just before an attack. Okay, that sounds crap, but there is this – quiet, that descends just before anyone pulls the trigger. Even I take a breath and know that the pressure I place on the trigger will change the world forever. Maybe not for everyone, but you have to accept as an assassin that your actions have consequences. Each death can alter the direction of multiple lives, that’s why each contract should be carefully considered, not for ethical reasons but for ripple control.

     Have I told you about ‘the ripple’? No? Okay, it’s simple. When you live and breathe and act and love and generally interact with the world then you create waves. Those waves gather on the shore and they can have incredible effects.

     You can create huge waves, great big monster ones, without them being negative. Those waves are the ones that people surf on and paint, the ones that crash on the beach and inspire people with their thunder and their roar and their furious, unstoppable, frenzied nature. They remind people to be wild and powerful and to run screaming into the rain, their face held high, lit up by the flashes of lightening and thrilled by the accompanying thunder.

     Other people can send huge waves that smash against the rocks and strip at the land. They rush over flood defences and sweep people from feet and back into the sea. They can drown and destroy and rush through people’s lives and tear everything to pieces, leaving them broken and desperate and alone.

     Most people don’t go that far or have that great an effect. Their small waves lap upon the beach and fill the rock pools and are just taken as part of life.    

  Each time an assassin takes a life we leave a ripple, a ripple that changes the wave as it approaches the beach. That ripple washes out and effects the waves around it and if the wave was only small then sometimes it can collapse them, others continue on diminished but are not destroyed.

That's it for today, a raw piece of writing in need of cleaning and polishing. I do quite like the passage, even if it's not particularity original. :-) 

See you tomorrow.

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