Thursday, 21 November 2013

Nanowrimo 2013, Day Twenty One.

I am within striking distance of the end, just two thousand three hundred left to go before the target of fifty thousand words is reached. Of course, the story won't end there; I still have another ten thousand to write on  top for this first draft to be done. From there I'll leave it for a month and then return in the new year and edit, probably adding another ten thousands words of detail, fleshing out and actually explaining of the plot. 

Yes, I know most people edit down, but I get the ground work in and find I always need to expand in the first edit, then edit down in the second. 

Does this make it a long and sometimes frustrating process? Yes, but it's always worth it, whether what I churn out is amazing or just 'okay', because I'm putting effort into the craft, finding my way and gaining much needed experience. 

Tomorrow should see me cross the line. 

For now though here are today's words...

     My blood boiled at the thought of not getting to finish the copy of Chloe I’d bought at the airport, but even more than that, the idea that Britney and even Beefy were dead, clawed at my brain. I didn’t want to accept that as a possible reality and so ended up humming S Club 7 hits to keep my mind occupied.

     I recalled how nervous I’d felt when I went to a signing they were doing at Tower Records in London. I was there, in London, to carry out a simple double tap to the head, some banker that had become an irritation to his brother. I didn’t bother with the back story too much. It was an easy hit and to be honest I was far more interested in the idea of meeting my idols than I was of killing the target. 

More tomorrow, and perhaps a big celebration? 

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