Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Nanowrimo 2013, Day Six.

Good morning session but honestly, the music is driving me spare. It's not that I hate it, but it really isn't what I'd ever normally listen to and once the session is over I wander the house humming it. Erg.

Must find some alternative stuff asap or I'm going to turn into a rainbow-filled serial killer.

Here are the words...

     I tried to way up the odds. If I told her, Beefy and Python who she was that increased their chances of being killed for ‘knowing too much,’ and yet they hadn’t been executed on the spot so they were obviously not high on a kill list. In fact, they must have been on another list all together, because the catchment team was well set up in the hut out there, well away from the resort.

     Hum. I considered pulling on an orange sweater and platted knee high skirt and proclaim that there was a mystery, but that would be silly and so I logged that ‘clue’ in the back of my head and spilled the beans.

‘She is a member of an elite British intelligence kill team, certainly not the most senior member but she is still incredibly well set up. They go around killing people that they deem to be a threat to Great Britain,’ I said as I watched the snow fall, trying hard not to have one of those shit internal memory sequences. ‘I’ve met her several times and worked with her on a piece of work. She’s about as dangerous as they come at my level.’

More tomorrow folks. :-)

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