Monday, 18 November 2013

Nanowrimo 2013, Day Eighteen. The Feel Like Crap Day.

As the title may have hinted at, I feel like crap. It's a cold, day one, and I'm hoping it pisses off a.s.a.p or I'm going to have a pretty crappy week. Still, hit the 39,000 mark today, leaving only 11,000 to go.


Here are the words...

     I wondered if we could all team up, kind of form an assassin version of the Power Rangers? Each week posed with eliminating an almost impossible target? I’d almost certainly be the Red Ranger. I know it would be a lot of pressure, being in charge, but I thought I was up to the task. We’d have call signs and costumes and those crazy sized robot things and it would be cool.

     Isabel cleared her throat and I snapped back to the pool and the room and the murderous ex. I’d probably be much happier clad in spandex right now. 

More tomorrow, I promise. 

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