Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Nanowrimo 2013, Day Thirteen.

Today I smashed out six thousand and twenty three words. I gotta tell you those last twenty three were bloody hard. 

No, seriously, it's been a long and tiring day at the keyboard and I've made a big dent in the Nanowrimo 'words remaining' column. I'm not just seventeen thousand words from the end and I think I'll need an extra twenty of top to finish the first draft of the book. So I'm feeling pretty happy about the progress of the work in regards to speed, though in terms of the actual quality of the content I just don't have a scooby. I'm hoping it's not a total disaster. 

Please let it not be a total disaster. 

Here are some of the words from today.... Just a few.

   I thought back to the time when I booked this holiday and I remembered wanting to go white water rafting, but was talked out of it by the agent and sold this one instead. I thought she was very persuasive at the time and perhaps was a little too in love with the holiday package she’d put together for me, but when someone really believes in something they can sell it to you without you even knowing it’s their belief that you are hooking onto, not the product itself.

     Come to think of it, the package was almost too good to be true when I bought it, and was one that tailored to me perfectly. It was like it was designed specifically to tempt me to this mountain, this resort, at this precise time in the year.

      I looked at the room and realised that the only other person that could have been lured here was Britney, but then, who would want to kill her?

The plot thickens... Like soup if you add croutons or sprinkle bread or a bit of flour in it. Yep, no idea what I'm talking about.

Goodnight. *falls over and sleeps* 

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