Thursday, 7 November 2013

Nanowrimo 2013 day Seven.

Day seven has been a very slim day. Just over a thousand words but I think I did turn a corner in my understanding of the main character and the tone. Sounds stupid as I'm already 17,000 words in but sometimes it takes time to really find the voice.

Here's today's small offering...

     I was beginning to build a picture of the events surrounding the attack on the resort and to be honest it made no sense at all. It was like a picture of the postman drawn by a four year old. There was a triangle type shape that could have been a body, a weird, uneven circle for the head, the eyes were uneven and different shapes , the arms and legs were sticks that came out at strange angles and the bag the postman carried looked like a two dimensional red toilet cistern. 

More tomorrow I hope... Much more.

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