Friday, 23 November 2012

Nanowrimo Day twenty Two (yesterday)

I broke the fifty k mark yesterday and chilled afterwards. It was a four thousand eight hundred kind of day and went remarkably well considering I felt the pressure to go through the tape by the close of play.

I covered several tough subjects and it flowed really well though I have to say there is a certain fear that comes from finishing a long session, knowing I was typing fast means there are a lot of typos and some of the sentences, paragraphs and even whole passages will need to sorted out more than when it comes slowly.

In the end the result is I've passed the test in terms of time and output, now I have to continue, reapply myself and get towards the end before looking back and fighting the real bastard that dogs me; quality and competency.

A regular question that I'm told haunts everyone is the real belief that writers believe their work isn't very good or 'not good enough'. Its a question of faith in themselves and their work and its something I feel the heat on badly when editing. I hope that this time round I find more to smile about than I have done when I've completed work before. In the end this is for release and I'm not backing down this time; it's no retreat, no surrender time.

If an agent or publisher doesn't want it then I'm backing myself and releasing anyway.

Here's a little bit of what I did yesterday.

It was after Dempsey died that things got really serious for me, the radical Game haters shot at me twice that year and missed both times, sent in a 'stabber' who did a pretty good job and another one that I took with my pistol before he could get his steel in me.

They broke into my house, bombed my car and believe it or not even killed my dog. I was just too good at sidestepping their attacks and I wish I’d been worse at it because as soon as they worked out I was an expert at ducking bullets they decided to go after people who were less effective at defending themselves.

More later today I hope.

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