Thursday, 1 November 2012

Nanowrimo day one.

I have decided, on the spot, that everyday I'll slap a paragraph from what I'm writing here. Unedited and naked.

Try not to point and laugh but instead think; 'wow, that's going to be 'not awful' when he's finished polishing it for the twentieth time.'

Something like that anyway...Brave or stupid? I don't know but I'm doing it anyway.

'Sitting in the corner was the head of Vid development; Victor 
Snitsky. He was a guy who loved details. You would give him the perfect idea, I mean perfect, ‘nothing can better this’ you’d think and then Bam, he’d say one sentence and you’d know it was now better, or he’d ask one question and it would all fall apart. But this guy Vic? He was a giver! He’d try and make your idea work even if it was dead on the first question and he’d never make you feel stupid, Just unprepared.'

There you go. Tell me to stop if it gets to bad. Until you moan I'm gonna keep doing it.
See you tomorrow.

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