Monday, 5 November 2012

Nanowrimo Day Five

Yep, two thousand words by 12 P.M and it's now lunch time so here's something from the morning.

The security guard was right behind him now and I wanted so badly for this guy’s head to explode, a bullet to slapped into the back of his skull, push through the brain and burst out of his eye socket that I could feel his blood splatter on my face already. I wanted him dead because of what he represented to me; the men that kidnapped and murdered my son, slashed my second ex wife’s face and made me into the three A.M shell sitting by this terminal, writing this fucking book. I wanted him dead because he wanted me dead and maybe if I got really lucky he’d squeeze off a shot that would land high and we’d both go together?!

‘Now...Mr Spencer...put the gun down.’ I said it slowly and clearly and he did just as I asked. He dropped the gun and his life was his own again.

More tomorrow if you're really unlucky.

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