Friday, 23 November 2012

Nanowrimo Day Twenty Three

Fresh from the writing pit and still in need of much work but the deal is it comes here as a raw animal and I get to polish later...So here's some more.

She smiled and stepped up quickly and gave me a hug and I waited for that warm feeling to hit my chest but it didn't come. I hugged her back and we held each other but that explosion of emotion I was preparing for? It didn't come. I let go of her and said I was sorry for missing all those years and she told me it didn't matter and still it didn't come.

I’d love to tell you that it didn't bother me that we had missed so much time and that there was distance between us, but it did, that wasn't the problem though. I talked to her and we switched quickly to Game chat and found that she was a genuine fan of mine and that I was incredibly impressed with her skill and we got on like a house on fire but that was the problem in itself. That was our only connection.

It took me years to work out why that meeting was so devoid of tears and emotion about our shared past and I can now sadly accept that I had shunted her instantly into the status of ‘Player’ and that meant I had already put up all the barriers to make sure I could function in my job without being bias. She treated me like a legend of the game and talked about listening to me for all those great matches and it was clear she saw me as The Voice, not her father.

What drew us together and became the glue for our future relationship was also the thing that always kept us apart. 

More tomorrow..

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