Monday, 12 November 2012

Nanowrimo Day twelve

Day twelve, a day of disruption, confusion and distraction. I got some broken time and I think I used it well. Here's an exert from the day.

It seemed an eternity before hands came to help and the cops got hold of the guy. I staggered backwards and he threw out a kick that impacted right in my ball sack, I would have collapsed but I wasn't sure he was restrained yet. As four, then finally five cops dragged him to the ground I felt safe enough to slump. I held my weight against the wall as the same blog-Journo from earlier grabbed me and rammed his camera in my face and over my chest and back, looking for close ups of my wounds! He was shouting at me, ‘LAST WORDS VOICE! GIVE ME YA LAST WORDS VOICE!’

That's all you get from me tonight I'm afraid. More tomorrow I hope.

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