Monday, 5 November 2012

Music Monday: Petal's singing again

This week we have a selection of five songs that Petal sings while wandering round the house, sneaking around the library, while she sits under the table cutting up magazines for pictures for her scrap book
Sometimes we only get small sections of the song, sometimes we get the whole damn thing over and over and over again.


THAT'S NOT MY NAME by The Ting Tings

She loves this album and to be honest so do I. This one didn't stop going round and round for months. Lovely at first...


This she can sing all over. So can I. Its on two of her favourite c.d's and obviously we must all be silent while it's on. DADDY! NO TALKING! WHOLE NEW WORLD!

NEXT TO ME by Emeli Sande

Petal, bless her, only knows the chorus to this and so do all of us. Of yes, we know this one! Poor Petal was driving Sauruas up the wall with this and to be honest it was pretty funny. Gladly she has stopped now.

TO FRANCE by Mike Oldfield feat Maggie Reilly

I love Mike Oldfield and I happened to buy a 'best of' recently and played it and played it and played it. She loves this song! We sit, singing it badly together in the kitchen, me with my tea and she with her marshmallows. God I love those moments :-)


This is the song, the song she sings pretty much all day and its from a cute cartoon called Maggie and the Ferocious Beast. Now I could give you a clip from the cartoon but instead I've found this incredibly cute video that isn't Petal but really really could be.

I hope the original person that posted this up doesn't mind me using it but I have to. Its perfect.

Sit back and enjoy.

Petal will grow up and change and maybe I'll be able to look back and remember a few of these songs and smile. Maybe she will too.

Love ya darlin.

More next week, as per usual if you have any suggestions then just comment and I'll see if I can whip up five songs to suit the subject.

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