Monday, 3 June 2013

Who's WHO?

The great Matt Smith is gone! Well, okay, he's not gone yet, but he is going. Come Christmas he will get the blasting light treatment and will transform into a guy that used to play one of the most famous and important science fiction characters to ever grace the small screen.

I hope Smith goes on to great things, I may not have always enjoyed the Moffat run but I've loved his Doctor from day one! Still it leaves us with an interesting and fun question; who will be Who?

There are the usual calls for a female doctor and of course if that happens I won't switch off, but for me the Dr is a male Galifreyan. We've seen male and female ones and there was a clear distinction and though I am no expert I do know that one of the race swapped sex, but for me the question is why? Why do we need a female doctor? Can't we just have a spin off? I'd watch!

Anyway, below is a list of actors that I feel could do the job. It's not a list of likely to be's or probables. I think they are more likely to pick a less known person to move forward with but for what it's worth here are a few of the face's I wouldn't mind seeing.

Idris Elba
Idris Elba; super cool British actor, packed with intensity, charm and yes, he'd be the first Black Doctor. Not something that needs to happen because of colour but because its a role he would bring something different to.
Paterson Joseph

Paterson Joseph; same again, this dude has a lot of presence and charm, carries a great sense of humour and fun and he has a smile that is highly infectious.

El Sid
Alexander Siddig. One of my favourite Star Trek actors of all time, has stared in some big movies, done t.v of significance from DS9 and 24 in the states to Primeval in Britain and he's a sci-fi stable. A great actor and yes, he would be the first non Caucasian actor to play the Doctor.
Colm Meaney
Colm Meany; intense, dangerous, approachable, funny, new accent, tubby, like a friendly uncle that's a bit scary when angry! He's done lots of movies, two Star Trek franchises, and once stuffed Daniel Craig in a fridge and beat him till he screamed in terror (Layer Cake)... and it looked believable.

Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie, hot in the states, musically gifted, comedy legend, great actor. He'd do a great job and it would feel very, very British!

Laurence Fox
Laurence Fox; an outside choice but maybe he'd be able to remove the curse of the blond doctor! No, I'm not referring to Peter Davidson, no I am of course talking about the bad Baker! Big C, the one that the got it horribly wrong. Obviously that's just my opinion but I couldn't stand him!

Fox is a really good actor, tall, swift and intelligent looking. He has all the tools and maybe this would be the kind of gig that would give us an unexpected gem?

Prof Elemental
Professor Elemental, it's not going to happen, obviously, but this tea swilling chap hop god would certainly shake the foundations of the Who franchise to it's very core! Britain's greatest eccentric 2012 playing Britain's most eccentric character ever. A marriage made in heaven.
Steven Waddington

Steven Waddington; the big dude option. Waddington has the ability, is a pretty large man, wide and tall . An imposing, almost frightening Doctor, who's size becomes a factor in the reactions of those around him. No, I'm not saying he'd punch people (though Pertwee did!).

And finally, if we want a female Doctor then it's easy, here she is; write it round so she takes over!

Shouldn't be hard to convince her, she is the bosses daughter after all! 

None of these people will be the next Dr I dare say, but they all would be cool and I'd love it! I suppose the only question remaining is this;

Who do you want as the next Doctor Who? 


  1. Good choices, good choices. Liking the Ex-Trek element in there. See? Both of them from DS9, I rest my case.

    Discussing this over breakfast, Hugh Laurie would be superb. Glad to see you've avoided Benedict Cumberbatch. Though it would be entertaining to have him as The Doctor and Martin Freeman as his travelling companion.

    I'd like to nominate Jason Carter ( - Marcus from Babylon 5), Richard Coyle (Strange, Jeff from Coupling) and Rufus Sewell. But if it came to a straight fight I'd be backing Idris Elba.

  2. All good choices dude! I remember Marcus! Ranger who shagged Ivanova!

    No Cumberbatch a no-no. I considered Freeman but sent him packing on closer scrutiny. Elba for the win!