Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Brain Dump one.

I've been busy, that much is true, and yet the world has continued to turn. I've watched it twist around me as I've sat editing, dreaming and crafting the next one. But I think I need to dump some stuff, so here we go.


Ian Brady was seen for the first time in public in many years this week and it was all to do with his wish to be cleared 'sane' and moved to normal prison. I can have a very 'eye for an eye' mentality sometimes and so I sat on my hands and tweeted and typed nothing. I didn't comment.

Turns out that was the right thing to do.

I don't need to have my say, show my colours and rage because he isn't worth it. A terrible, evil creature of the night that will go back to a hole and stay there and if I just swallow it down for a bit I find that I can just let it go. Brady took lives and destroyed families.

He isn't worth anyone's time.

Dave's Dinner 

So, the G 8 are back in action, flying in with capes fluttering behind them, ready to save the world! Woo Hoo!

Oh, no, hang on. That's not it at all.

See I am not some lame anarchist, screaming my rage at the capitalist pigs while I wear label t-shirts and chew my Mc D's, and yet I can't let this slide. Dave and Vlad are chatting happily about what to do in Syria, like it is our choice after all! I mean, we can back who we like right? They can back who they like and then it's not about us and OUR interests at all! Nope.

I think it's a difficult situation, certainly more complicated than just arm 'these guys' or 'those guys' but I do know Vlad and Dave chatting about the fate of another country makes me very uneasy indeed!

Later Dave's twitter monkeys posted up a menu for dinner, presumably a dinner at which they would discuss world poverty, famine and war torn regions of the world. Meanwhile the people in their own countries are gripped by falling living standards, unemployment and uncertainty. The G8 meal sounded extravagant when consumed while discussing such topics.

To cap this off Dave took the opportunity to tell us the G8 would address the issues of poverty so that 'Hard working families' in poor countries could climb out of poverty and get better starts and better quality of life. Dave? How many utterly lazy families do you know? Presumably loads from your estate up bringing right?


I suppose the 'lazy families' can go fuck themselves yeah? That's it, lets line them up with the sick and disabled too right?

Utter wanker.


This is so simple, but lets do it.

If a baby needs to eat, and the mother is breastfeeding, then she should feed that baby wherever the two of them are. It's that simple.

If you think there is something wrong with breastfeeding then NEWSFLASH!

There's something wrong with you!

TNA Wrestling

Yeah, I watch pro-wrestling. Live with it.

Recently we have been watching the two hour show on Sundays and then have caught two pay per views free of charge on the Wednesday following their airing. I have to say the quality is excellent, the depth of talent is impressive and most of all it makes me remember what I used to like about WWE.

Very good company from what I can see.

Book Two

I sent the rough copy of my next book to a trusted reader. V.O.R arrived in an email and I knew it was in a rough state but when I opened the document to edit I found it needed a lot of work. I presumed this would reflect badly on the enjoyment of the test reader but it turns out the reaction was positive, and I've been told I'm doing good things.

This fills me with joy.

Editing it is turning out to be a real task, difficult, tiring and involves adding content I always intended to. And yet I'm loving it. I remember the time I told myself Blank Canvas needed to be cast out and left alone.

I can honestly say I'm dreading saying goodbye to this one.

Blank Canvas

Well there is movement and plenty of lovely comments and that has been great. I can say sales have fallen off and now I have to try to find new ways to get the word out.

If you have any good ideas then let me know. I have to admit I'm not an expert at this sort of thing.

Stuart Hall

No words can express this sickening situation; the events, crimes, cover-ups and finally... a fifteen month sentence.

Fifteen months.

That's it.

No words.

That's it.Thanks for listening.

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