Friday, 7 June 2013

Professor Elemental Comics Issue # 2. A Review!

(This may seem slightly cock-eyed doing a review for Issue # 2 when there isn't one for # 1, but have no fear I will soon sort that by posting up another review very soon to cover that oversight. Now, on with the show!)

Professor Elemental is musical artist and performer based on the south coast of England. He combines Rap and a traditional English character to deliver a truly unique stage act and has cut several albums. Albums I love. He defies stereotype even as he stands in pith helmet, a jacket and shorts; a nineteenth century explorers garb that contains a man with a razor sharp wit and a way with words that can bring laughs even as he probes such serious subjects as The Empire, stalking and Tea.

He's a multi media madman who has an online mini series, a list of gigs as long as your arm and a thirst for a good party. He also happens to have a comic...


This is a lovingly put together, colourful and entertaining mix of stories by a dazzling array of artists and writers. There are eight short stories in the comic, ranging from 4 to eight pages long and each has a very different flavour while at the same time all feeling very much like they understand and get the complexed and intelligent joke that the Prof is telling.

Stories like 'The Tempestuous Teapot' and 'Large Animal Legislation' have a more standardised comic art feel, complexed backgrounds and detailed character portrayals are backed with vibrant inks and colours to produce a more mainstream feel in contrast to 'Young Elemental & The Belvedere Bully', 'Steampunk Superheroes,' and 'Young Geoffrey,' which have a more cartoon style.

The cartoon style sections burst with humour and are about as much fun as they possibly could be. Fast, fun and frantic, they fit very nicely into the Professor Elemental lexicon and embody the charming, childlike nature of his persona while still possessing essential 'elements' (see what I did there) of self parody.

Finally there is something very 2000AD Futureshock about 'Last Night I Dreamt I Went To Manderley Again,' 'Professor Elemental And The Case Of Aunt Fanny's Horn From The Journal Of Professor Elemental,' and 'Professor Elemental's Meta-Dimensional Voyage.' These three stories have a darker and yet still highly comedic feel. I was particularly fond of Aunt Fanny's Horn.

Professor Elemental comics Issue #2 is a collaborative work gelling fine artists with excellent writers to produce a highly entertaining and infectiously funny read. I highly recommend it to those that love comics with a difference, or generally light hearted and cheerful material.

It's a must in this household.

Contributors to the comic are listed as the following:

Mr Tom & Mrs Nimue Brown, Mr David Perry, Ms Mellissa Trender, Mr Alex Patterson, Mr Jonathon  Taylor, Mr Gibson Quarter, Ms Jennie Gyllblad, Mr Owen Watts, Mr Neil McClements, Mr Christopher Mole, Mr Tom Hallam, Mr David Metcalfe-Carr, Mr Brendan Purchase, Mr Noah Rodenbeak, Mr David Thompson, Mr Matthew Safffe, Mr Mike Bunt, Mr Andre May, Mr Christian Wildgoose and Ms Nikki Foxrobot.

It was presented by Messrs Christopher Mole and Paul Alborough.

Sites of importance: You can find the Professor at this address where you can order the comics and music that will brighten your days.

For more Professor Elemental material go to for the web series and for a slice of the Professors sound.


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