Sunday, 20 January 2013


The snow came in full force today and so we suited up and headed into the the 'big white' for some serious sledging. Now obviously the sensible thing to do would be to leave the little people at home and take just the big monsters as it's quite a trek to the slopes on the downs but that really isn't how I roll and @mamacrow looked like she needed the quiet with #TrojanHero so I took everyone. EVERYONE?! ARE YOU CRAZY?!


The slopes we go to are over a mile away, we have three sledges and there were seven of us. Yup, not even the numbers make sense in this case, and yet that's what we did. I dragged Dot (who is very, very three at the moment) all the damn way on the sledge she became attached to, Petal walked through the snow as did all the others. Along the streets, through the park, across the golf course and up the hill we went and I have to tell you between the stray snowballs that slapped my arse, the not so stray snowballs that slapped my arse and the inevitable piss taking snowballs that slapped into my arse as I dragged Dot I was not finding the trip that funny.

We arrive at the foot of our downs Golf Course hill and Bam! Dot wants to go home. Erg. I changed her gloves, gave her a hug and convinced her to take it in her stride and yes! SHE DID! We reached the top, hammered down that slope a whole bunch of times and then finally Fluff and Petal decided that it was time to shiver and scream (fair enough) and so we headed home. 
The way back was a shoulder carry for Dot all the way while we staggered through the ever heavier falling snow and plenty of moaning whining and complaining because it was cold and they were tired (still fair enough, it was a long journey in hostile conditions). I took it in my stride, tried not to tell the mini's off and for the most part did ok and finally we arrived home over two hours after we'd left, wet, cold but ultimately we had survived. 

I would tell you that I'll be leaving the smalls behind next time but it would be a lie! All day Dot chatted about going down the slopes and how much she enjoyed it. Yeah, that is a heavily edited version of the events but that's ok with me. I hope she looks back and remembers that I took her when I could and we enjoyed all the time we could together as a family. I hope she remembers the wind in her face and the whoosh of the slope. I hope she remembers that it doesn't matter how far somewhere is, if you want to get there and you try hard enough then you can.

Or am I reading too much into all this? 


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