Monday, 7 January 2013

Music Monday: Sleeping sounds

First Music Monday of 2013 and the new baby hasn't appeared so my mind wanders to those sleep interupted nights ahead, wondering how we will get this new addition to sleep as well as the others did?Thinking about the music that will switch this child into sleep mode has brought me to pick five pieces of music that clubbed our other children into slumber land, sometimes highly unexpectedly.


Yep, its a weird thing to sleep to but our first child found Axel Rose and his crew so engaging he'd just completely spark out. Was it the amount of times @Mamacrow played the album on c.d or was it that he became bored of the legendary frontman's bullshit at such a young age and just shut himself off? Who knows.

Which song do we put up? I don't want to fight about it at all, but if we did it would be a very polite argument...

Agaetis Bryrjun by Sigur Ros

I know, I know, what the fuck? Well I have no idea how well known they are but they are Icelandic and, well, kind of odd. Its synthetic and melodic, hypnotic and sometimes I think its cool and other times I'm a little conflicted and think it maybe a bit to odd and shit. Not sure.

Roo has always been a weird cat but this is certainly summing up his alternative choices. The album was sent to us by an Internet friend we chatted too who wrote for the the same Star Trek on line role playing game. He was a nice kid and the collaborative nature of the writing for the station our characters were based on was certainly something I feel was a very valuable experience in the early years of my writing.

Roo would hear this and off he's pop. Blink and he was out. Awesome.

BAT OUT OF HELL by Meatloaf

Right, now you'd think this is something not to sleep to right? I mean it gets loud, it goes quiet, then it goes all loud and then slinks back to get the idea right? Mad as it sounds The Wig was able to pop off to this with-in minutes, but if you turned it off, he'd wake up. Now I love a bit of the Loaf myself but it was certainly a bit odd.

Still, I think we'd all agree that we don't give a fuck what it is that sends them off, so long as it works! :-)

ORANG-UTAN by Urang-utan

Yes, early seventies rock seems to be the flavour for our seven year old at present and though its not what he listened to as a very small monster it counts here as I think its still a bloody weird choice of what to sleep too.

Now this track is called 'Chocolate Piano' and no, I have no idea why.

So we have had four past tracks and albums, I will now look into the future and predict what our soon to be born baby will want to bed down too.


Obviously to have this selection I'd need to own a copy of the song. I inform you somewhat sheepishly that I actually have two...

See you next week, thanks for reading and listening and I ask a simple question; what did your children go to sleep to? Did you use music at all? If you didn't or don't have kids then do you sleep to music?

Don't be scared to comment. I promise I don't bite...


  1. love love love this!!!
    Im so with Roo! nonsensical lyrics, sothing melodies, perfect.
    Ican see how the guns and roses Track would also let your brain drift off get lost in its guitars.
    Now the Urang-utan track I loved! hypnotic guitars, repetive chords taking you on a fantastical journey in its own little rock opera.
    I can imagine dridting off to this and letting it infiltrate my dreams.
    Ok Anthrax what can i say! I hear fisher Price are putting on their lullaby playlist as we speak!x
    Now my 4 have never really had a band/piece of music they listened to to get them off to sleep as babies, only mobiles and such, but as they get older ive noticed the appearence of the ipod at bedtime with anything from My chemical romance ( eldest) to little mix (middle) !
    Now me, I use music as lot as a sedative. My favourites include, Scott Matthews, Guillemots, Air, Groove armarda,Prince has some of the most hypotnic instramentals. My love of film scores come into their own here too!
    Now I shall stop as I feel I am becomig the sedative!
    Great Blog! x Jo

  2. Thanks for the comment, great to read.
    I haven't listened to music while dropping off in years due to the kids and needing to be able to hear them but its one of the things I'm really looking forward to!
    Portishead, Pink Floyd, Soundtracks, oh yes!