Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Chronicles Of Professor Elemental!!

You may remember (if you've been reading for some time) that yours truly went on a wee adventure into acting early last year? Well, after a long wait and many months of excitement the Chronicles Of Professor Elemental has been released!


So, thoughts? Well the episodes are posted below and so I won't ruin anything but I will say I felt it was really funny, with clever dialogue and the people in it totally nailed their parts. Great! In truth I was exceptionally worried I'd not only look uncomfortable and stupid but I'd also be buggering it up for everyone else but gladly I think they managed to keep me in but have me not kill it.


As you watch (I hope you will) you'll see me in a brown suit looking flustered, Roo (our wonderful twelve year old) as a 'space saver' and my lovely wife @Mamacrow as a gorgeous, very made up lady in episode two's 'You remind me of a car' song.

YES!!! (No, I don't know what I'm on about either. Sorry)

So I hope you watch it, enjoy it, appreciate its wacky, off the wall humour and then do us a favour? Watch it again. You see everyone involved needs it to be in demand so they can get a shot at perhaps some form of extended television contract! So watch it and then do me a favour and stick it on every now and then. You know, kind of go back and be a repeat offender? Then the other thing you can do is to tell other people about it so they can do the same and get the hits up and give the mini-series the boost it needs to convince the people that make the decisions that this one? This one is the right one for them!

Now I can't imagine I'd be returning to the show if it was commissioned (they'd have money to hire good people that can act) but I know the other people involved in the project are awesome and would get some love! Obviously Professor Elemental (super chap I have much love for and whose music makes me smile), Ben Field (the great director and guy that gave me the opportunity in the first place), Moog (he did all that amazing animation and also held that big furry thing that picks up sound while filming), the awesome Grace (who plays Clara and really is a lovely person) and Dan (an excellent, friendly guy with an evil laugh and a talent with unicycles).

It would be great to see these wonderful people get some recognition, love and reward for their hard work, patience and talent. Thanks for reading and please...get watching and word spreading!

So, now you've seen it I hope you feel motivated to leap off and do some great people a big favour and help give The Chronicles Of Professor Elemental the best start in life it could get, by giving it as many hits as possible!

Thanks for reading and watching.

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