Monday, 21 January 2013

Music Monday : Waiting Game

“Procrastination is like masturbation, it’s fun at first but then you realize you just screwed yourself.”

Yes, you guessed it, I've been doing fuck all again. This for me doesn't mean I've been sitting on my arse and picking my nose, nope, obviously we have a new baby and so I doing all the things I should be doing like housework and getting the kids out and being responsible...and that is good, but also bad. Don't think this is a moan about all those things, its not, it is however a moan at myself as I have sat on my arse for months (I feels like) not accomplishing what I needed to. 

Stupid Edd.

So today Music Monday brings you five songs to wait around to. Five songs that say; 'hey, waiting isn't always bad. Sometimes it can be time to think.' I hope, no, I know that is partially the case, but of course the other side is a dire, choking apathy that clouds of life and smoother's my dreams and aspirations from within. Its a fucking bastard monkey that hangs around my neck and one I know I can beat...I just have to put some effort in!


This is a chilled out track that is a happy little trip into cheerful procrastination. Love the idea that you can just shut the windows and doors and the world can just go fuck off. It appeals too much!


Nothing to say about this other than its an amazing song and well, Its about waiting.


Love this song and yeah, the whole waiting for when the man comes around thing is right on the money here. I sometimes feel I'll be long dead before I get anything done of note outside of the house.

TROUBLE by Coldplay

Happy one yeah? Sorry. As it stands my standing around is almost certainly causing 'trouble' in my own head.

Finally, for a swan song, we head into the land of Cohen, at the house of Leonard, for a master class in bringing you down. This is a seriously moody song, one that I love, but certainly its not a happy bunny. It's also how I feel about my position at present, waiting for a miracle rather than going out and getting it!

This marks the end of my lazy ass. Really! I know I've said it before (I'm sure I have said it here but I can't be arsed to go back and check) but I mean it. Next week you get triumph and flowers being pulled from sleeves and fireworks and cartwheels!

This week should have been a brilliant post as #TrojanHero blessed us with his presence just six days ago, but today didn't go well. Next weeks will be huge though.

I hope.

Thanks for reading a listening.

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