Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sandwich Roulette

Lunch can sometimes be a predictable, mundane, perhaps even a boring event, even for the most adventurous amongst us. What could we do when that happens? How far could we push the envelope of taste and reason? How far would we, could we, be willing to go... to get that excitement back?

Have no fear, for I have the solution for you. Ready?

Sandwich Roulette.

Now this isn't what you think it is. You don't sit at the table with a mate and smash yourself in the face with a perfectly good bread based lunch until one of you quits. No, it's so much better than that. See this game can be played with young people (children) and adults alike and it can be on comfy, friendly, happy setting, or you can go with full on danger setting.

How does it work? Simple really, just make a sandwich for each person, quarter them and place them on a large plate, then issue in the players (hungry children/willing but stupid adults) and get them to select a quarter each in turn until all the sandwich quarters are gone. Then everyone eats them. Simple right?

The fun really is in how the kids take to it, if they dive in and like to take a few risks then it's all good. If on the other hand they are particular about what they chew then you could be looking at a less exciting time, still, you can still have fun with it.

If it's a hassle free time you want then deliver only fillings they like, if on the other hand there is an adventurous streak to your mini people then include things you'd eat like a cheese and fresh onion sandwich, a super Marmite mouthful, the mighty cucumber, cheese, ham and Marmite combo! Yeah baby.

If someone pulls the 'trap-snack' then you can eat the rest once they've had a bite. Normally we have a great time with a big plate of fairly boring sandwiches, livening up a meal with some much needed laughter. The song is important too...

'Sandwich roulette, Sandwich roulette,
You never know what your gonna get,
with sandwich roulette.'

Give it a try?

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