Monday, 16 December 2013

Music Monday: Jingle Bells.

It's been a while (I've been busy) but I've decided we need some Music, and of course, this time of year brings that dreaded argument; what makes a good Christmas number one? Personally, I don't give a crap about the number one, though the X-Factor run at it annoys me, I have to be honest. Still, I'm not here to pick five Christmas number ones, no, I'm here to pick Christmas songs I love.

First up we have some Bing, because I can't get through the season without him. :-)

This next one you can play any day, but I always connect it with Christmas and the dark cold nights and the intense feeling of love that I have for the season.

To follow that we have this, something so stupidly cheerful that I can't help but ho, ho, ho.

Yes, I am a cheesy bastard this time of year, why deny it? Here comes the next one, featuring the now deceased comedic legend Mel Smith.

Finally, my favourite Christmas song ever. I hear the first few seconds and I beam and stay beaming till the very end. I love the film it's from and have strong memories of that year. My favourite by a long, long way.

Yes, they may be kind of obvious and certainly poppy, but I love them. What hits the spot for you this time of year?

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