Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Coin Toss

At the beginning of a new year there is a sense of renewal. The promise of hope and a fresh start... or some crap like that. For me, of course, there is a feeling of new luck and I apply that to one of my favourite games of the year: The cinema game!

Each year my buddy and I hit the cinema as much as possible, realistically that means we go every Thursday unless something like life or illness gets in the way. We realised a few years ago that if we didn't go, even if there wasn't something good on then we wouldn't be getting the full use of our cinema cards; the very things that make regular cinema trips affordable, so we started the game. Simple rules for a simple game; if there is a week in which there isn't a film on that either of us want to see then any film is clear to be picked, no matter how shit that film is meant to be.

Last year my mate hit me with some nasty flicks, the worst being the torturous The Incredible Burt Wonderstone; a film so bad it should be made fucking illegal.

The first film of next year is one we were both looking forward to till the word came out that it was dire; 47 Ronin. We held the coin toss on Saturday night round a mates house and sadly... I lost.

Thursday Night Face
Each year starts with the potential to be great, and this years cinema looks like it's going to be epic, but I get the feeling the first one we see is going to be a kick in the nuts for me. It's a long year, and there will be many bad films forced upon weeping film fans, many battles in this year long, rolling war, but dammit...

...did I have to lose the first battle?

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