Monday, 7 October 2013

The Editor

This is an interesting week for me, I have two of my own novels to edit, and yet I'm proof reading someone else's. Now that's not as mental as it sounds because book three is still cooling down in the waters following it's forging in the imaginations fires and book two is waiting for the final test readers views to come back.

So I'm spending time with another man's pride and joy.

I won't say anything about it but I will say it's bloody good! Good enough to shove me into blogging because I have to tell someone... without telling someone, or else I'll explode.

Now, I know it's been some time but I can tell you that last years Nano project seems to have been a success and I'm hopeful for it's future. First though I have to re-edit it and make sure it's at it's best before I send it off, and then jump straight on and edit novel three, and yet for the moment I'm enjoying someone else's slice of fiction.

I hope I enjoy reading my own as much.

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