Monday, 28 October 2013

Music Monday: It's Been Too Long.

It's been some time and I'm very busy but I think tonight we need some tunes laid down. So, before you are five songs that are only really linked by being prominent in my week. Not much of a link but I think you'll like four of them ;-).

Lets kick off with the obvious shall we...

Lou Reed died this week. I wasn't a die hard fan. I didn't know all of his songs or ever see him live. I didn't bang on about how amazing he was (though he obviously was) and so I won't go on about the loss to the world. He was seventy one, a pretty good innings for someone who'd seen so much of both the light and the dark that this world has to offer.

For me, Perfect Day is the way to go. I'm a huge cinema fan and obviously the Trainspotting scene that featured his song was a stunning and harsh piece of film making. Incredible stuff.

Perfect Day...

I was having a random chat with a mate on twitter, @jscoltrane , when I put up a song. As I did it I remembered how it was meant to be the first dance at my wedding to the wonderful @mamacrow, but the D.J didn't have it. He had a close second in the form of 'Wonderful World', but it wasn't quite perfect.

When we have a party to celebrate a milestone we'll get this on, like we should have had in the first place.


Right, the next one is a strange one. I've come to a point where I understand that the main character in the book I'll write in November has questionable taste in music, at best. This will hopefully bring some levity, though I have no idea how light the project will be yet.

Have to wait and see really. Still, this is perhaps the kind of thing he quite enjoys...

I know...

Right, distancing myself from this questionable decision above I look for some credibility and find it's all hiding. I am however having my brain torn in about twelve directions. I'm finishing a second edit on book two, considering edits on book one (I strongly feel this would be a step backwards but my brain won't let it go), have book three waiting to have a first, comprehensive edit and am about to start book four, which is to be written over the Nanowrimo month.

Brain is in total fluff mode. Not only that but obviously we have the preparation for Christmas, one of my oldest mates is getting remarried and his stag do looms and I am, painfully, coming to terms with the truth of employment. It's clear no more plastering work will come my way in this last quarter of the year.

Not only that but the council are chasing us for cash they gave us when we needed it, but now want back, which isn't how I understood it worked. The fact that we've been living pretty basic to avoid drawing any more benefit than the absolute minimal is a further mouthful of spit in the face, but fuck it. It's cool. I can hold the debt collectors off and argue my case with the local arseholes and maybe, just maybe, inject some sanity into the situation. I know I can but It's another drain on an overstretched brain that wasn't working too well in the first place anyway.

Add all this up and it means I'm pretty fucked.

Oh well. These things are sent to try us and I found Sinatra a welcome guest in my ears today. He was telling me to hold the course and just keep doing what I'm doing. I will endeavour to listen...

Lets play out with a song from an album I've been living with for the last year shall we? Last years Nanowriomo book was written to many songs, and over a long period of time, but this one is so linked to it in my brain that I can't hear it without seeing my character and feeling the story I've weaved around him.

This ones for The Voice...


I can't wait to set the book free and see if it can capture people as it did me, at the same time I dread saying goodbye.


Nah, probably pretty normal, right?

Thanks for reading and listening and maybe see you next week... If I'm not snowed under.

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