Wednesday, 2 October 2013

DfictionL Comp Round Up.

Hi, how have you been? Good I hope? Right shall we get on with it?

Yes, Lets.

So, the writing competition was entered and I have spent some time looking around at the competition (see what I did there) and I have to say it's all a bit good really. I was quite hoping to rock up like Russell Brand at a shagging competition and walk off with it... but instead I'm now sitting in my deckchair watching the stories come in and grinning, because it's nice thinking you're good at something, but it's so much better seeing other people that are great at it and learning from them.

What I thought I'd do is place links here so you can go and read the wonderful myriad of approaches and feelings that these fab people have evoked and then you can go and tell them they are brilliant and treat yourself to a gorgeous clutch of three hundred word stories that will knock your socks off.

There are two entries here...

Here's another...

Another one here (love the blog design too by the way)...

And one from my gorgeous and brilliant wife...

Here's another...(Imaginative aren't I?)

There are others out there I'm sure and I'll do my best to find them and give them a linky here because they really are all very good. Good luck to all and all that jazz!

(sits back in deckchair and waits for the next great entry...)

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