Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Eyeballs Need To Play Catch-Up.

I have four shelves full of movies and I decided a short while ago that I should make sure I've watched all the films on the shelves before I bring more in. Now this, I thought, wouldn't be sure a big thing, I mean, how many of these movies haven't I seen right?! Obviously I'd watched most of them before so I decided I'd need to add any that I'd bought but hadn't watched that specific copy before.

That will widen the watch a bit but not make it too bad... Big mistake.

I've been through my shelves and I know I tend to pick up things I see on the cheap, for when I fancy watching them in the future. Imagine I've been doing that for a while, are you there? Good, I hadn't worked out that the number wouldn't be in the tens but in the fifties!

I made a list, I checked it twice, I'd discovered I'd been naughty and so have to follow through and watch all these films before I buy another one. Yeah, that means I'm not buying The Life Of Pi. That's a pretty big ouch for me.

To make this list more manageable I have taken out the films I really don't want to see, heh, that was easy, it still only brings me down to 46, but still, a little can go a long way.


I felt this needed a separate heading, you know, to make it seem like I actually have one that is going to work (not fooled are you? Nope, didn't think so). So here it is; I will watch a series of double and triple bills to make this tally plummet, enlisting eldest son, wife, and anyone else I can rope in as film buddies. I will hammer through the list and find that once done it will be many months down the line and I will then have money to make a new, fabulous war chest of flicks for watching.

That is as far as the plan has moved forward. Yep. Just call me Monty and be done with it.

Below is a list, a list of flicks I've bought and left on the shelf, unwatched, unloved, unacceptable! I'll put notes by them, perhaps even ratings in the form of stars? Who knows, its a long fucking list and I could get bored.

Aliens (5 stars)
Alien 3 (4 stars)
American Beauty (5 stars)
Black Swan (4 stars) (A weird but brilliant film that is very much like a one watch only movie.)
Blade Runner (4 stars) (yeah, there are five versions, I'm only watching one of the fuckers)
Carrie (Never seen it! WOO HOO)
Cloverfield (Never Seen it! Woo Hoo)
Copland (4 stars)
Dark City (3 stars)
Days Of Glory (A war film I got for free. Never seen it! Woo Hoo)
The Debt (4 stars)
The Departed (4 stars) (Glad Marty finally got the Oscar, still confused how Goodfellas missed out)
District 9 (4 stars)
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (4 stars)
Fight Club (5 stars)
French Kiss (3 stars)
The Golden Child (4 stars) (Eighties gold right here)
The Hangover (4 stars) (Shock comedy at its best)
Harry Brown (5 stars) (A powerful and terrifying film)
Heat (5 stars)
The Holiday (3 stars)
Immortals (3 stars)
Invictus ( Never Seen it! Woo Hoo)
Iron Sky (Never Seen it!)
Kingdom Of Heaven (3 stars) (This isn't the special edition)
Layer Cake (4 stars)
The Last King Of Scotland (4 stars)
The last Of The Mohicans (5 stars) (I love this film sooooo much)
The Man In The Iron Mask (3 stars) (The diCaprio version)
The Naked Gun Trilogy (3 stars) (I'll watch one)
The Orphanage (Never seen it! Woo Hoo)
The Pianist (Never Seen it!)
Pulp Fiction (5 stars) (I saw this in the cinema. I got there by lying on the laps of three men in the back seat of a small red Renault. Life gets weird when you're the small guy)
Repomen (3/4 stars) (Jude Law movie, can't make up my mind if it's just the violence that's cool)
Scarface (Never seen it! Woo hoo) (Yeah, I know, how the fuck have I not seen it?!)
The Shinning (5 stars) (Scariest film I've ever seen and I'm not looking forward to it at all)
The Sixth Sense (4 stars) (The one that started HIS career and still his best. Shaylaylamiwaddiedoo)
The Thin Red Line (5 stars) (Yeah I know it's pretentious and incredibly long  but I love it!)
True Romance (4 stars)
The Truman Show (4 stars)
28 Days Later (5 stars) (I love this film too! God its good!)
Unstoppable (Never seen it! Woo hoo!)
V For Vendetta (4 stars)
Walk The Line (Never seen it! Woo hoo!)
Young Guns (4 stars) (Eighties GOLD!)
Young Guns 2 (4 stars) (Not quite as good but I still love it Nineties GOLD!)

Yes, there are other (far more) films on the shelves but these puppies will be done in the coming months. Even if it is just to clear the decks for more hoarding!

Thanks for reading. Probably incredibly boring but hell, I'll not let that keep me awake.

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