Sunday, 26 May 2013


Blank Canvas is a book I wrote in November 2011. I continued to improve, edit and send the book to agents throughout 2012 and decided to self publish when it wasn't picked up. I decided to not give up and I wanted to give my book it's day in the sun.

Here is the book, released two weeks ago but, and here's the really great news; it's free to download at Amazon from the twenty eighth of May to the First of June 2013!

Here's the blurb...

 An accident on a colonial ship; The Buckingham, leaves it crippled, drifting through space. The custodial crew of seven have suffered losses and with no way to repair their vessel they must abandon the ship to organise a rescue mission from Homeworld. They leave behind a single crew member to keep watch over the five-hundred-thousand colonists asleep in suspended animation, to act as a guard and a monitor on the ship's systems while they are gone.

Left alone, facing months if not years of isolation, a woman set to be the colony's master artist must battle the demons of her past and the despair and loneliness of her present if she is to ever have a future...

It's a first person narrative from the perspective of a lone woman, left alone to face the demons of her past that continue to constrain her present. 

If all goes well many people will download it over the next few days and I'll go up the charts. What would be even better is if those people that download it then go and review it and say what they thought. Posting reviews will help to bring the downloads coming after the free promotion and if you are one of those wonderful people that blogs then a blog review would be something I can link to and would continue to help me even further!

The link is at the bottom. I hope you can help me to bring some love to this book. If you do then I'll love you forever :-)

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