Monday, 20 May 2013

Music Monday : Let There Be Love.

'Its all you'll ever need.'

How people can argue with the idea of loving human beings making their feelings for each other public if they want to is beyond me. No, I'm not talking about having the sex of your choice on the bonnet of a police car outside the town hall on a busy Saturday afternoon, I'm talking about that thing that seems to make the boys with the blue rosettes crazy; Gay marriage.

For my money I don't see how they can still keep their strange and utterly irrational hatred for someone's sexuality alive but that's something I'm glad about; I can't see their point. I can't understand their bigoted and pathetic hatred and I can't see me ever seeing their point.

It really is as simple as this; let those that love love, let those that don't yearn for something they do not have and cannot understand.

If you don't get it? Just fuck off and shut up!

We only need one song this week and I'll happily break my 'No Beatles' rule.

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