Monday, 4 February 2013

Music Monday. Something to Smile to!

Had to pop in and lay something down here, I hate missing Music Monday as you know! Right, what shall we do? It's been pretty serious around here for the last couple of days so I think something that makes me smile, like, proper smile, big, sunshine on your face kind of inner peace kind of smile.Lets have a few of those shall we?

I LIKE IT HOT By Wolfsbane

Ok, it's silly and basic and probably a bit crap but it does make me beam and though I'm sure it's because I loved it when I was young but it just screams summer and that's maybe what I'm starting to ache for. Sun, warmth, greenery, trees, late evenings, the works!

ROLLING RIVER by The Mountain Firework Company

These guys are amazing! Amazing live, amazing on c.d, just all kinds of amazing! I've been told its Blue Grass...I still have very little idea of what that actually means but I know that when the c.d goes in and I hear this it lifts me right up into fresh, free and hopeful!

and finally we have something for the funny bone, yes, I know what you're thinking! THREE?! ONLY THREE?! YOU CHEAP BASTARD! Well, I'm busy writing other stuff and it's late and I'm tired and so you will just have to deal with it.

Stop sulking.

Ok, cool! Right, on with the final selection! One that I have thrown about all over Twitter and that's simply because I love it! You see It's slightly silly, about one of my favourite things in the universe and I simply Love the Professor! So here we go!

I always want a Cup Of Brown Joy!

Right, see you soon (certainly next week) and hope you have a wonderful time getting down to the strange mix of English south coast Blue Grass, eighties rock and Chap Hop!

Life is kind of like that though, its all a bit jumbled, sometimes strange, but ultimately utterly fantastic.

Keep your heads above water and have a beautiful week.

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