Monday, 11 February 2013

Music Monday : COVER ME


Ok, we don't need Frank Drebin puns here normally but I figured it wouldn't hurt just this once.

Covers, sometimes they can be inspired pieces of music that make you stop and take a breath and think 'fuck me, why didn't someone do that before?' Other times you want to hunt down the bastards that maimed a classic song and make sure they never get to do it again!

This week we are continuing our positive upswing of late and looking at covers that make me smile my arse off. We could obviously take this to mean they will be amazing covers performed by the very best of artists...but woah, lets slow down, a cover doesn't just have to be amazing for you to find it amazing, or for it to effect you. Nope! Sometimes they can be cool, or off the wall or even tragic enough to make you scream with laughter!

This lot are fab, they make me grin, they pick me up for lots of different reasons. That's enough bullshit though, lets gets this party started!

COMMON PEOPLE covered by William Shatner

Yes...we are going there, and if you think this isn't a 'proper cover' then ya as mental as Bill, because this is an interpretation of the original song that goes off on a shopping trip all of its own and lets face it, if you can't better the original in the poppy bouncy way it was originally recorded then shut your eyes, take a deep fucking breath and dive in to some mad waters of discovery!

Sometimes this kind of thing does the job and makes me wanna fucking hug the world and the guys bringing smiles to it, other times I want to hunt down every copy and smash them all! For every 'Common People' there's an illjudged travesty like The Scissor Sisters 'Comfortably Numb', I can assure you we won't be going there tonight!

Piece of shit.


RUBY, DON'T TAKE YOUR LOVE TO TOWN covered by Leonard Nimoy

I have a long and happy history of buying people shit gifts. I revel in the moment as they open the terribly  wrapped 'present' to find its a fabulous copy of the book 'The Joy Of Anal Sex, For Her', given to my brother in law, or perhaps 'Anal Hoopla' the evening game presented to my sister as a moving in present. Where am I going with this? Well I once went to find THE WORST ALBUM IN THE WORLD...and figured the greatest hits of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy would fill that slot. The funny thing was that I came to love it's incredible mix of stupidity, psychosis inducing Shakespeare speeches to music (Shatner is fucking amazing) and of course the odd gem.

Here's one of those Gems. Sit back. Shut your eyes. Allow Nimoy to tug at your heart strings. I am willing to bet you last ten seconds before laughing.

Count them.


WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE covered by Richard Cheese

If you haven't been to the house of Cheese before then let me open the door, take off ya shoes, fetch you a drink (yes he only serves Absyinth) and if I may, I would suggest you get the mind bleach ready and pray it works, though I can happily inform you that once never leaves you.

This guy is a legend and I hope you get the joke, if you don't then I may have fucked up one of the great rock songs that actually gets radio airplay. Sorry.

YOU SHOCK ME ALL NIGHT LONG by AC/DC covered by Hayseed Dixie

I love this song, it was the working title for the book I'm currently writing and I bang on the AC/DC version whenever I start up. I also love this version.

The thing is you can tell how good a song is if it can be played in a hundred different ways, by one hundred different people, in a hundred different styles and it still works. This works!


Music is something that is incredibly important to me., as it is to many. The incredible ways it can effect us, lifting us higher than we could hope to be or drop us lower than we'd like.A great song can stop you in your tracks, a great voice can capture the pain or hopes of a generation!

Music is damned good for the soul!

Above are a collection of covers that make me laugh and cheer, here's one I love that was recorded by a twitter mate! I'm jealous to be honest, dude can sing, dude can play, dude is doing something I always wanted to be able to do and and maybe one day I will. Personally I think this is fantastic and I'm really happy to share it with you.

Ladies and gentlemen!

I give you @OOK_Librarian and his awesome cover of Adele's 'Set Fire to The Rain!'

More next week and perhaps something more classical. I'm not sure as of yet.

Thanks for reading and listening.

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  1. Shatner's Common People is surprisingly good. I know Charlie Brooker is a fan; I was surprised to hear that, now I know why.

    6 seconds. He didn't even need to sing. The Enterprise's red alert alarm, then twanging guitar? Oh dear. Fascinating, Captain *raises eyebrow*. I have to stop it now.

    Richard Cheese: brilliant. Reminds me of the Mike Flowers Pops

    Love Hayseed Dixie: sheer genius. Hadn't heard this before though, thanks.

    I loved your friend, being a huge Pratchett fan, as soon as I saw his name. And he's clearly annoyingly talented as well.

    Great post