Monday, 11 February 2013

I'm Close

I have come to a time, a place, a point when soon I must show something to someone. Of course I have been banging on about this for some time and so I'll forgive you if you pass out in a pool of your own drool, but the book is nearly done.


So now I have to tidy it a bit and then slide it under my best friends nose and then leave the house, go pace in the kitchen, pull my hair out in the toilet and generally take my nerve racked ass for a walk. It will be all clean and clear when given to her and then come back all scrawled on and ringed and corrected and questioned and then I'll have to read it through and see what she thinks.

I trust her. She is awesome after all.

Once I've sorted out that part and fought the book into a form of readiness I'll then be doing what I did last time...Unleashing it upon you folks for test reads.

(Looks pale and distracted.)

So what you'd do is read it, let me know if you liked it, how much lighter fluid it took to purge the thing from you physically and how many pints you needed to drink to forget it and then make a few decisions. Content will be added after each chapter and I'll be taping you up to see which character you think should get the slot.

Hopefully you'll like it, but if you don't you should be able to at least tell me where you think I fucked up. So I'm letting you know early and if you are interested then just let me know and I'll slide it to you when it's ready. It's a chance to save me from making obvious mistakes, a chance to perhaps make something better than it was when you received it and, this is the cool bit, the chance to pick some characters to have a spot light shone on them in an interview style framework.

If you are interested then let me know. It's maybe a month away but I want to build a working list.

Cheers for reading....oh and let me know yeah?



  1. Im delighted to hear the book is near to its finale stage.
    I would love to have a read along with tea and cake obviously!
    Does Congratulations, well done for sticking at it sound as crap as i think it does? But I think you catch my drift!
    well done mate. *putts kettle on buys my weight in cake and waits!* x

    1. Awesome! You are certainly on the list.