Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Plan

I've had the book out in the wilderness for some time now and have had some lovely, realistic, cool feedback. Its great to think I'm travelling in the right direction, maybe even at the right pace, possibly even at the right time, but as the clock turns I now have to look forward.

Here's the new plan for my direct future (it's not that new but hey), ready? I'm starting another book.

Simple eh? How hard was that? Not hard at all? No, I think I've found the idea very hard. See last time I set myself the task of writing something far better than I had before, something I liked, something that took me out of my comfort zone, something that challenged me. I did just that. It wasn't perhaps the best book you'll ever read (for sure), but it was the best book I'd written up to that point.

That was last November. I hit twitter with word counts and updates on how I was feeling. I spent a two month period editing and then I did something I hadn't done before; I sent it to agents. Can you believe I've been writing for a good few years but never sent anything off? Bizarre. It really wasn't that hard. In fact I quite enjoyed it.

In the months since I've received plenty of rejection emails. Some I hated, others I didn't mind, but all were noted and logged and taken seriously. Each one meant something very important to me, each one showed me I was trying harder than ever before. It was good. I look at my little project and I am very proud but I know it needs work. It needs 'a hard edit.'

This is what's going to happen ; my November baby is going to be worked on for the next month or two and then I'll probably put it on Amazon as a self published author. It will be there that it sits and proves it's worth or proves all those agents and editors right by gathering dust in public. With that done and November looming I will start again.

I chatted happily with @mamacrow last night about the new project. It went down well. If I can execute it half as well as I talk it up then it will be good. Above all else it needs to ticket the difficult boxes that I laid out last year. I'll be back writing something better than last year, something I like, something that is certainly going to take me out of my comfort zone and something that I will find very challenging.

I'll keep you updated as to the status of last years baby, when it becomes available and whether or not I think you should buy it and you'll be able to follow my progress on twitter come November.

I have a feeling this year is going to end on a high.

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