Monday, 13 August 2012

MeMe Lovely...Unlikely

Right, so @slightlysubdad has linked me up to a MeMe thing that @Motherventing linked him to, so in the great tradition of pass me on things I'm simply not going to do it...

Okay, I am. Psyche. The questions are set by Motherventing and we have to do our own answers (if she really liked us she'd forward us the answers so we could just cut and paste them but whatever.)

Welcome to the first MeMe the political Nomad has ever entered into...probably the last too.

1. If you could be any Superhero who would it be?

Tough one for me to answer, I know and love too many! I suppose I have to run at this logically. I could pick a heroes hero but instead I'm going to go flawed but powerful. A man given every gift and yet he so often falls into a bottle, Its got to be Captain Britain.

I envision getting the power and maybe not folding under the pressure. Flight, force field, super strength, blisteringly fast flight, one of the best right crosses in the Marvel universe? Yes please.

2. Marmite on toast. Match made in heaven or hell?

Match made in heaven. Job done.

3.Boris Johnson. Discuss.

Look at the man child stagger and prance, protest and over pronounce his way through an interview and you see a fool...but look closer. See the shift of the eyes, the increased energy that pops him out of trouble, the prepared line that hammers his foolish nature but his political message. See it? Yeah. Yeah, he's no fool.

The problem with Boris is that he is a career Politician and that makes him an arsehole in this Nomads eyes. Its calculated, its the normal guy but with the volume turned way up (like most performers are) but an M.P or a Major shouldn't be acting, they should be feeling it and trying their hardest to make our lives better not playing the fool to get votes.

Bring it down and I don't care he was educated at Eton, good, it means he should know more shit than an A-level student turned bitter voter right? I don't care he's a Tory, I don't mind the Tories, they're arseholes yes, but so are Labour. Pricks in different coloured ties. So what is it about Boris that pisses me off?

He's in politics. That makes him a cock in my book.

But if I have Red ken about to be savaged by a bunch of rabid midgets with sweetcorn knives or I had to hand Boris a comedy hat so he could stager on to camera and belt out a fart joke? Boris gets his hat.

4. Full fat, Semi Skimmed or Skimmed?

Full fat. I work it off and it tastes better.

5. Bum exercises, Squats, lunges or Sofa?

I work hard as a labourer. There's a lot of wear and tear and by the time the day is done I have to flop on the sofa...but I've done all the exercise I needed to already.

I'm done, but I am fully done. Sadly I'm not sure who to pass this on to so I'll let others do that and be content in knowing that I have defended the ramparts, given of my fingers, won the battle and retired knowing better men will continue the war.

Ta for the fun, now I'm done.

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