Friday, 31 August 2012

Just So You Know

I recently went to the 'Just So Festival' with @Mamacrow and the five youngest kids. My review can be found here ;

Here's my original intro, something extra for all you lovely folks that come here. 

'The Just So You Know, Letting you know about the ‘Just So’.

Hang on to your hats because this is the first interview I’ve done that didn’t involve the police (Joking...I’ve had job interviews too).
No, sorry, that’s a terrible way to start. Let’s say instead that a lovely lady on twitter asked me to give some thoughts on the ‘Just So Festival’ and I happened to say yes. Let’s say you’re reading this and that you need to know what I’m gonna tell you. Let’s start with an introduction shall we?'

I hope you like the review and that it gives you a clear idea of whether you would attend or not. Sadly my picture loading is acting very strangely at the moment so the pictures will have to wait.

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