Thursday, 19 April 2012


Many years ago the Roo was an argumentative soul (he still is really) and at the age of 6 or so and loved a good moan. One particular meal time (one of his favourite times to kick off) he complained that the food was so bad at our house that it was as bad as 'being in prison.'

This was a bit insulting and perhaps overly harsh and so we took the line that it was certainly a wild claim. He strapped in and was not budging so we came to the decision to write to Lewes prison and ask them about their menu. The letter was written by @mamacrow and dictated in part by the Roo. It was dispatched and we expected no answer but were impressed by our innovation.

Within two weeks we received a letter, from the prison and yes the lovely letter thanked us for our interesting question and included a menu. They actually sent us a menu!

This is when it became difficult really because it turned out the menu was pretty good actually. Better than ours. Hum...the crowing from the Roo was indeed a bloody pain! The selection was great, veggies were catered for, there was provision for religious restrictions and a choice of starter and dessert. This was going to be a tough week for me (the chef; I was a stay at home dad) until we worked out the downside!

The next day Roo was asked to tell us what he wanted to eat for the next month. He was asked to make sure that he had different meals on different days to give him variation and that he would have to eat what he had booked whether he fancied it or not. This was something he could not do! Ha!

So after some discussion we agreed that the menu prepared by us was fine though he wanted a greater input, which he got, and so the issue was settled.

In the end I was so surprised by the lovely letter that we were sent and that made it well worth it doing and it serves as a reminder to me that there is always some way to settle an argument if you try hard enough. Ta Roo.

By the way, he's just as argumentative as ever, only now he knows far more and so is even more difficult to win against.

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