Friday, 13 April 2012


Its been a weird few weeks and make no mistake it is in fact getting weirder.

I have been badgering the cleaning company that stiffed me, looking at Jobs and trying to get some writing time down and for the most part I haven't done any of it that well. The jobs don't seem to see me as a fit for them, the cleaners have no interest in paying me and I haven't really gotten enough hours in and yet I have made some progress in directions I couldn't have foreseen.

Take for instance my painting at my parents, its getting better. No seriously, it really is. They say if you can piss you can paint. Well I can piss... so I can paint. This is a good thing, it means I can earn small amounts and keep us afloat. This is a great thing.

Still there is more. I got another gig. Believe it or not its an acting job, unpaid mind you, but something I'm really looking forward too. I wont say too much about it as its fun to keep some secrets but at the same time its something I hope I will do well enough to make other people happy... If that makes any sense?

Now on top of this I also completed my assignment for an on-line Role Playing magazine and will be handing in as soon as possible. That too sits well with me. I'm also making progress with my ScriptFrenzy. Yay.

That's all the week stuff, in between that I went to Drusillas Zoo, enjoyed Easter, watched some movies and chilled. Happy.

So its odd that I'm hopefully about to hand in a piece of work that could see the light of day, will be appearing in something that will be seen by as many people as humanly possible and that things are looking up financially... Especially when I haven't really felt like I was getting anywhere at all. 

It may be a dull post but its an update. Update done. I'm out of here.

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