Friday, 13 April 2012


I followed a link this week to a blog. It involved a Comedian taking strips of a journalist. I read it till I had to switch away.

The thing was that these two people, both the journalist and the comedian, were more successful than I am, were obviously more confident than I am in their abilities and certainly have more money than I have, but to be fair, both of them were terribly negative, horrible people.

It got me thinking, what is it about me that sees me here, in this place, in this time? Why is my name not up there on the header of the paper or on the poster advertising a great night out? Why am I so super under qualified, unpublished, and unemployed? What is my problem? And then it hit me; like a truck, the answer is I don't want to be those people. I don't want to be a cunt.

Now that's very judgemental and its based purely on what I read at that time and this is print and stage so they probably leave that venom on the screen, head home and are lovely... but then there is this bit of me that really doesn't buy that at all.

They both had a point, they both had an angle and they both took their shots but what came across most was their unpleasant nature.

I'm willing to put the hours in, I'm willing to be honest and say I'm not a saint and I'm willing to see the truth...I'm not the best out there or anything. Yet I can get better, through time and experimentation and heart. I don't need to be negative and an arsehole, you don't need to be negative or an arsehole. So don't be.

This journalist has written Romance novels (something the comedian took a shit on, which I find weird because I can't imagine him writing anything that wasn't cynical or negative), the comedian stands and entertains large sell out crowds (something the journalist looked upon as laughable that people would pay to hear his bile) and yet the fact remains simply this; they are the same. Two people saying and writing what they believe will sell, and to sell they know they need to shock.

I can see them for what they are; people selling a product. The sad truth is that what they are selling isn't worth buying.


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