Monday, 1 April 2013

Music Monday: The Random One

Andy Kaufman, master of disaster!
Its Music Monday and normally we have a theme, an idea, a gimik that I hang this thing on, but today? Today I find myself conflicted by multiple strands, tugging at the soggy rag that I call my brain, so instead of ignoring the chaos I say we embrace it!

This week we will dive into different subjects without logical thought or a care for direction, we'll cut across country, take the high road and then at the last second veer off and take the low road leaving the traffic behind us confused and beeping its horn!

Is this the grown up, clever, or even right way to write? I don't know! What's right and what's wrong? When writing can we bring wrong, can we bring right? Is writing this wrong? Can I be wrong while also being right to write this wrong?!

I'm clearly confused. Lets leave this folly.

CHOCOLATE JESUS by Martin Harley

I love this guy, saw him live in Brighton at a small but important little venue called 'The Greys' and he kicked so much arse it was scary! How can one guy kick out a depth and level of sound like he can I'll never know, but here he is, smashing it out! Sadly this isn't the album version, which is far superior but there ya go.

RIDE FOREVER by Paul Gross

Due South was a majestic piece of charming light television that had a heart so big its beating practically blew you off your sofa backwards. Adventure, minor peril, comedy, character and the music? All were brought into unison to make a show that had devoted fans and my wife and I loved it.

The three youngest kids have been camping in a pop up tent in their bedrooms for the last three nights. The downstairs bedroom was designated as 'Base camp' and that's where they slept Saturday night. Sunday was an adventure pulling their kit up the stairs as they pretended to be climbing the mountain and that night they camped in the girls bedroom upstairs; the top of the mountain! A place where they look out for bears, Yeti's and make sure no one gets eaten.

This song captures that strange and incredible imagination that can transform a bedroom into a wintery forest on the top of a mountain. It's fun, energetic and well, the video has mounties in it!


YOU HAVE BEEN LOVED by George Michael

It's a strange thing to have something in your head, developing, growing, finding its feet slowly. This week I finished the final edit I ever plan to do on the book I wrote a long time ago. It went out to agents and came back without a date, trying to work out why it had to walk home alone. I patted it's head and told it it took time and we sat together for a while.

The book didn't get sad and lonely, it went out and made friends. People read it quietly and let me know that they liked it and told me what I needed to do to make it better, to give it a better chance of success, so that it could make a connection. I took all that on board and thought about it as I worked on another book and it stayed on the back burner till February, when I did a full and complete edit. I don't have the money for a professional editor sadly so it had to do with me helping it pick new shoes, get dance classes, get a cool haircut but above all I wanted to help it stay as itself.

I'm sending it away to carve a life of its own finally and its sad because we've been together for so long it's kind of like waving goodbye to a friend that I have worked through so many issues with that perhaps I don't want to share, yet I know its the best thing for both of us.

Some people are going to be mean to it, some will like it, maybe a few will even love it. No matter what happens out there to it I just wanted to let it know one solid thing before it went.

You have been loved.
(I spend far longer writing and editing the books than I do these blogs so I hope they flow a whole lot better)

Good luck


COCAINE by Eric Clapton

Drug laws have always confused me. I'm not saying everything should be there for everyone, but I am saying I think it's mad you can drink ten pints but you can't spark up.

This is a cool track, lets leave it at that shall we.


Finally I think many people are very upset with the gov and where they're going, how they view the people and what their new laws will do. There are going to be a lot of people that have nothing feeling the pressure even more. I think we see here the black heart of modern politics not just in the laws that are being passed but in the inaction of those that should be opposing them.

No matter how I cook it in my head I can't help but feel angry. I want to be able to say that 'this too shall pass' and that one regime is better than the other but I don't believe it. I hate them all.

I... fuck it, shut up and listen!

*throws down mic, screams at the ceiling, kicks the fucking news on the screen till it shuts the fuck up!*

I'm out of here!

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