Monday, 22 April 2013


“Music is the shorthand of emotion.” – Leo Tolstoy

Well, its been a few weeks right? Sorry folks I've been stuck on the edit train and wrapping up a thousand other things that needed doing. Rest assured that none of those things have been actually completed, think more along the lines of all of them being slightly closer to completion than they were several weeks ago ;-)

Right, so we needed a theme otherwise this thing doesn't fly for me and so this weeks is 'New', new to me and maybe (hopefully) new to you. We have five pieces as always and to kick us off we have something to make your world go BOOM!


I listen to the radio a fair bit, especially at key times; dinner, breakfast, when cooking, if a match is on and certain shows. One of those is Dermot O'Leary's show on Radio two on Saturday afternoon. There's always something I haven't heard; old and new, some amazing songs that totally capture you and a live band. This weeks was Rival Sons.

They were amazing! They did the song below and they also did a cover of Back in Black by Amy Winehouse. Both were brilliant and on the strength of those songs and their general attitude I went and bought the album. It's on its way right now. If you turn off your music and open the window you may be able to hear the parcel its travelling in buzzing with awesomeness!

Here's the track that made me sit up and say 'I'm buying this NOW!'

It's awesome!

MOJO FIX by Martin Harley

You a regular here or on twitter? If you are then you'll know just how much I love this guy! Personally I think he's one of the very best musicians out there at present; his guitar does things that defy belief.

Mofo Fix is the new album (mentioned on O'leary's show) and it's a far more commercial sound than normal.  This has meant it's taken me some time to get into the rift, to 'get' the songs and find the love, but it's coming slowly but surely. Perhaps going for the more mainstream sound and 'a look' could be seen as selling out by some. I think it's more a guy trying to get himself about a bit more and so altering his sound slightly. That's cool with me!

Anything Martin Harley wants to do is basically cool with me (with-in reason of course).

Here's 'Mojo Fix', the most produced sound Harley has ever put out, if you like it and want to hear what his older stuff is like then just type in 'Grow Your Own- Martin Harley', buy the album and sink into his heavenly slide-guitar sound.


No, I'm not telling you to go listen to or buy this, I am just telling you there is 'another one' and that you should prepare yourself for more internet insanity as people rush to watch a fairly harmless dickhead dance about.

It's annoying and not memorable, thank god, but I fear this may get rammed down our throats like the last one.

Be prepared!

CAN'T PLAY DEAD by The Heavy

The Heavy have a newish album, I have stolen it from a mate and will have to give it back at some point, when I do I'll have to buy my own copy. I'll do so happily, knowing that some of the cash is going to these big sounded monsters of music!

The Heavy are funky, incredibly funky! They construct the albums not like a list of possible singles and some make weights but as a piece of music to be listened to from start to finish. There is no skipping, no starting at the mid point, there is no picking three songs and then bumping the rest to forgetsville. The album goes on and the album damn well stays on till they have dragged every cord, note and beat from the air and thrown it at you, leaving you a happy but slightly concussed bunny.

Can't Play Dead is an amazing song, big on beat, hugely enjoyable and these guys are awesome. Simple as.

As you know we like to mix it up a bit for the final one right? Well I did have a silly song from Despicable 2 lined up but you know what? We need to be a bit weirder today, so here it is, weird, crazy and normally pretty damn clever, yes, its EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY!!!

Now what these grown ups say to each other isn't always very polite and certainly not very p.c, but that's kinda the whole rap battle thing, so here for your delight/horror/disgust/amusement is a classic.

Romney v Obama!

Next week I should return with some more selections and as always, if you have a theme suggestion then just hit me up... Or whatever it is the cool kids do these days.

Thanks for reading and listening.

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