Monday, 8 October 2012

Music Monday : Alternative Madness

There are all different types of music for all different types of moods. Its true that it really is horses for courses and tonight's race is for some of the acts that I've heard and thought 'wow, that guy is nuts/brave/lucky to walk out of here alive'. Sadly I've not seen any of them live but I'd love too.

(Beware, this week may contain swearing and strong humour)

First up and its a man who loves controversy.


This guy is a Sinatra impersonator who rocks up as Adolf Hitler. Yeah. You read that right. Now before you scream 'Nazi!' at me just chill. I find Nazi's funny because if I didn't laugh, then I would be throwing cups and shouting about them. I laugh them off because its the way I live with the strength of my reaction towards them and their existence in general. I laugh at this guy because I think his dark comedic blend of Hitler and Sinatra is just right.

It works for me but I'm going to put up one of the lighter ones so that he doesn't hit you with the full force of his act, which to be honest is pretty strong.

Enjoy if possible, I think he's brilliant but I still can't work out how he came to the point where he decided this act was a 'good idea.'


A lounge singer that covers rock classics with his tongue rammed so far into his cheek that its bursting out of his flesh spraying the front row with blood. Cheese covers are inspired for the most part but again the humour is very strong. His cover of Nirvana's 'Rape Me' isn't going to win him friends but it is to here that we get down with the sickness.

This is brilliant, every single damn second of it. Horrible and cheerful and brilliant.


There are many songs of note by the genius group of comedians  known as Monty Pythons Flying Circus, but if I have to pick one that makes me smile without ever letting me down it is the Medical love song.

Its clever, suprising, disgusting, laugh out loud funny and I love every damn second of it. From the very first line you know you are listening to 'the anti boyband' and you will never be the same again.

AMERICAN JEDI by Weird Al Yankovic

This has been heard by everyone, fucking everyone, but lets just say you have been living under the worlds biggest rock. I haven't the words to describe it other than Episode one meets Don McClaine.


Its the great and terrible monster to finish it this week. I warn you...if you listen you will have it in you're ear for months.


This week I needed cheering up. Not sure its worked but if its done the trick for you then I'm a happy boy.

Feel the need to have a theme suggestion then just comment.

See you next monday.


  1. Haha the Nazi Sinatra is inspired! Have you heard if the Amateur Transplants, they do similar stuff... Eg

  2. I will check them out dude and have a laugh. I nearly went to see Frank In Brighton a few years ago but in all honesty I chickened out. I wasn't sure I could hack it, checked some videos afterwards and was very pissed off with myself.

    I would have bloody loved it.

    Thanks for reading and hope you have an awesome week.