Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Pasties, caravans and Political sickness.

Today the government performed a climb down on the pasty and static caravan tax. It's now to be modified so that it doesn't piss people off as much. Great, well done, what the fuck ever.

Looking at the law you can see some of the botched ideas, ideas like trying to make supermarkets pay V.A.T on the cheap ready prepared meals so that they aren't hammering the chippies, but lets face it it could have been the best law in the world or the worst cluster-fuck and it wouldn't have changed how it was responded to or reported. People I'd like to brake some news to you and the wider world, step closer because this shit is so secret you are gonna freak out! Ready? Okay, here goes...negativity breeds negativity.

Mind blown yet? No. Didn't think so. It's so simple and yet they don't seem to get it so I'm am going to lay it out for you and them, I know you already know but lets try to keep them thinking that we are all clueless shall we? Cool (winks). Lets begin.

This U-Turn on the law was reported as government weakness, the labour M.P's spun it as weakness and  an indication of a complete lack of competency, the government approached it as a sign that they were 'listening to the people and had responded in kind.' All of them are wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong! This was an important day but not because it showed the world the current coalition can listen or that they were and are incompetent, it didn't show how technology like the Internet has allowed people a voice that touches higher than it ever has been able to before through social networks and the like. Nope.

It showed that the media loves a negative story because people that are bitching are finding more reasons to bitch through their T.V's. It showed that the government doesn't listen because if it did it would be attacking the tax band problems, halting its assault on benefit claimers and would be searching for the real 'Out' of this economic shit creak; industry reinvention and responsible investment and lastly it didn't show the labour M.P's to be concerned for their people, exposing the government and their unfair taxes. No. No It didn't.

What it showed was that the government is completely unaware or uninterested in the views of those that are at the bottom of the food chain (so to speak). It doesn't give a rats arse what the people of twitter, facebook and any other chat room think, if they did then they'd be giving this Pasty tax shit a miss and dealing with the problem faced by over two and a half million British people; the fact that there are not enough jobs.

The media feeds on misery, misinformation and misdirection, we all know this. The papers, the press, the news channels? All filthy bastards pushing one idea or another. Never giving the truth because knowing that most people are complicated and conflicted makes things messy. Twats.

Finally lets look at what the 'opposition' always does shall we. Do they praise the idea of U-Turns and claim victory for the people or do they push the government to go further? Look at other bills? Highlight the unemployed youth? Stop attacking the Disabled? Nope. They go for the negative view of making the other guy look bad rather than pushing them to work harder, be better, listen to the people more. They don't leap on this as a chance to make it clear that this is something we need to see more of; rethinking of destructive policies. No. They are a negative party with one goal, one driving vision, one tired ideal; re-election.

If they missed the point then that's sad because today could have been a day of triumph, a day to push these dangerous and destructive policy makers to the wall and force them to think outside of their battered old box. To ask them to stop picking on those that are already facing the harder side of life; the disabled, the unemployed, the sick and the terminally ill. They missed the opportunity and they missed it because they didn't want and still don't want to make this country better, fairer and safer, they just want to be paid more and to be in power. That's it.

How can a group of people who sailed this great ship into such turbulent financial times wash their hands of the blame like they have? These are not reasonable, responsible or respectful people, they are con men looking to trick us as many times as they think they can. The same as the other men and women standing in power right now.

In the end this is a cycle of hate perpetuated by the rich and powerful with no real regard for us, for you...for me. In the end each day of opportunity is wasted. Each possible turn around of fortunes is botched, each chance s wasted, on all sides, by all comers. It's just sad and I firmly believe it's the reason why so many appear to be turning away from politics or even worse turning to more extreme groups like the B.N.P to actuate their wishes.

We, the people, have seen you for what you are; negative, small minded and self obsessed. You care nothing for us and so we in turn care nothing for you.

I wish for a time when being a polatition is about representing the people that elected you, not representing the best interests of your own bank account, paymasters, union power brokers that put you in position (Ed) or the oil barons that want to keep you there. I long for that time and sadly I know that none of the bitter little people that stand and represent us will deliver that day. 


  1. Well said and by flipping a few (very few) words you could be talking about the US instead of the UK. I've only read a bit of your stuff so far but it seems you have a nice feel for op-ed work. Sharing any of this with the local alt-weeklies?

  2. I have no idea how I'd go about doing that if I'm being completely honest. Any clues, perhaps point me in the right direction squire?

  3. Oh and ta, comments are always really appreciated.