Sunday, 20 May 2012

An Insult To Men

There are plenty of times when Men are assaulted verbally, blamed for all that is bad in the world and have  bad examples of the sex presented as the norm by Women. We are accused of being insensitive, criminally irresponsible and unable to make decisions without major input from our genitals. These crimes are laid at our feet and we just have to grin and bare it...and it pisses me off. Why do the few have to bring down the many? Fucking bollocks right?! You know what's worse? When we nobble ourselves.

Type in 'Pregnancy for fathers' on goggle and you get some depressing hits, almost certainly there's the standard bullshit about how women's hormones leap about, about how we, 'The Man', are going to have to do some 'extra stuff' around the house for 'a while' and how we 'just have to put up with it', well I'd like to tell the arseholes who write this shit to do one simple thing....FUCK OFF!

The fact is I firmly believe that a relationship is a partnership, a union, and pregnancy is a time when you step up and help out but you should already be doing your part. After the pregnancy, you know, when you have a kid, you're not meant to drop off and do fuck all again. No, the deal is that Pregnancy, kids, relationships and Marriages are hard work and if you're not putting the effort in because you're a 'bloke' then you're not a 'bloke' you're an ARSEHOLE!

Now I have been following someone on Twitter, I've found out they have written something truly offensive and so I am unfollowing them, right now! The thing he wrote was about just this subject, it was just the kind of bullshit that you would expect about the subject and I have to say I was pissed off beyond belief to see what someone had bothered to take the time to write.

Maybe I have to see this piece of shit as a joke, a jape, a misjudged piece of comedy. I'm not going to name it, I can't see my way past this guy needing the money, perhaps so desperately that he wrote this. I don't like the idea that me saying something would hurt his takings. Is that wrong? Is it wrong to not want the conflict? Is it wrong to look and be sickened and yet refuse to name the book? Maybe? But that's what I'm doing. I'm going to tell you to do something that seems so fucking obvious it should be simple, so blindingly clear that it should never have needed really saying; TREAT YOUR PARTNER WITH RESPECT!



Oh, and if you are one of the many pricks that drag the rest of us down I can guarantee you are not going to like this blog, so thanks for popping in this once. But as you leave, dragging your knuckles over the threshold of this hallowed ground, I'd ask you to go look in the mirror. If you see someone that is more concerned with the shape of your partners tits after breastfeeding than the nourishment of you're child, if you're someone that is sickened by their partners pregnant body or if you feel that you have to do all the 'real thinking' while you're 'lesser half' is recovering from a magical process that has 'fucked her body up' then I suggest you go and either sort your pathetic life out or fuck off into the woods and never come back for you are everything that is negative about our great gender and YOU are the problem, the one that makes us take the heat in the media; the one that perpetuates the lazy view of men as selfish arseholes one and all.

On behalf of everyone on planet I'm asking you to fucking grow up, or fuck off. There is no in between.



  1. "No, the deal is that Pregnancy, kids, relationships and Marriages are hard work and if you're not putting the effort in because you're a 'bloke' then you're not a 'bloke' you're an ARSEHOLE!"

    And that's why I'm now a single mother!!

  2. i fucking love you darling.
    that is all.

  3. I wish I could point you in the direction of a non-arsehole @Jehefiner but it just doesn't seem that easy. Bollocks. Let me put in a call to the universe and ask them to send you someone amazing; i.e responsible and actually nice (that gardens, you love a good gardener right?).

    I think I'll have them delivered to a P.O box though, that way you can pick them up when you want to. Not when they try to pick you up. ;-)

  4. Nice rant Ed. You are earnest and that go's a long way in a world where everyone knows the politically-correct thing to say whether they mean it or not. The article you (and the better-half) referenced is truly bizarre. It reminded me of one of those guides from the 50's for women that explained "How to Keep a Happy Home" except its meant for men from Gen X-Z. Who are a totally different the world is starting to realize.