Saturday, 9 June 2012


This is a world full of butt heads, arseholes and people that for no apparent reason just feel the need to piss you off. This is a sad truth and yet it is not the only truth.

This is a world full of fantastic, wonderful, amazing, inspiring, beautiful people that will better your life in a thousand ways and make laughter lines stretch across your face and make you light up whenever you see them. This is a happy truth and yet it is not the only truth.

This is a world full of people that you don't know, people you will never meet, people you need to believe are going to fall into one of the two groups above but in reality they will no doubt have a foot in both camps at different times in their lives, hell, probably at different times of any one day. This is the real truth and yet it is also not the only truth.

In amongst the vastness of humanity there are extremes that come about, people that are so heavily weighed in one camp or the other that they simply don't step to and fro but jump up and down on the spot. Lovely people that dedicate their lives to helping people, supporting them, nourishing and loving them. There are also those that kill, rape and torture. These people are X-Factors that leap up and grab attention. They are not the people I want to talk about.

Looking around I see a lot of people are pissed off; directly it seems at the opposite sex. Due to bad past experiences and present irritation they lump everyone into the same camp; Man or woman, they become the enemy. But is this an accurate representation of a real person or a entire group, an entire sex?! No, certainly not.

Look to the negative stereotype of the man; selfish, egotistical, sexist, stupid, emotionally stunted and football or music obsessed. That's a fair cop Governor. Thinking about it I'd say that fits most people at some point in their existence. Men and Women alike. It's not great but we have to be honest...we can all be arseholes once in a while. This however does not explain man hate. Nope.

Man hate is here because many men make women hate them. There it is. Truth. If women weren't screwed over, victims of domestic violence, treated like dirt by their partners and other random idiots then they wouldn't hate us, they'd be loving us. If on the other hand you're a women that's stamped on a guys heart, treated him like crap, made him a victim of domestic abuse (obviously rarer than the other way round but it does happen people and there IS less provision of support for a male victim so I'm told) or just generally been a bitch then I hate to break it to you but you're one of the monsters too.

Man hate shouldn't piss me off really, I've known many people that have cheated, lied and generally been cads but that doesn't cover all the men I know and call friends and they have in turn been crapped on as karma (or fate) staggers in and delivers a swift kick to the crown jewels. In truth I've met loads of people that never deserved the crappy people that screwed them up, both male and female, so it must come down to a simple truth...ready for it? Here it comes;

'There is good and bad everywhere, you just have to know which is which.'

I'm not knocking anyone that's been used, abused or simply used to amuse, it happens, it shouldn't but it does. I'm asking you to look at each person and judge them not by their genitals but by their actions. You don't need to tell everyone that 'Men are bastards,' or that 'Women are heartless bitches.' You need to know that the person that screwed you over is a heartless bitch or bastard...but there are more and more fish in the sea.

I know you may feel I'm talking to you, that I can't know what you've been through and you're right, I don't know. I do know what I've been through and those around me have been through and I can guarantee you its not the cock on the person or in fact the vagina that made them treat you like shit...its the darkness in their souls.

Tomorrow I urge you to go out and see people not as gender stereotypes but as they really are; people. Ask they questions, get to know them and if they are arseholes? Simply inform them of this fact and tell them to change their ways, if they refuse? Kick them to the curb. They simply aren't worth it.

You're fantastic, know that and know that you deserve the best, be it from you're boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband, co-worker, family member or random member of the public. Conduct yourself with confidence and please, stop the lazy hate, it brings YOU down, not the person that's made you feel this way.    

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