Wednesday, 20 June 2012


A while a go (not long in terms of the universe, our planet or in fact even our race but still... not last week) me and the family were dragged into a wild adventure, all bound up with a rapping Professor, a film crew and a golden frog. It seems an age ago but perhaps that is the right phrase to use; an age, for I can feel humanity canter towards the next great passage in its majestic story....the age of Elemental!

Think I'm crazy? Really? (You're probably right) Well here it is, the first trailer...yes, you can whisper ''

Before you watch I would inform you that yes indeed, that is me at the very beginning, issuing you into the trailer, speaking lines I had to learn that a lovely man called Alex helped me run through on the day (cheers mate). Its okay, your chest can swell with pride, after all, you now know a superstar in waiting...
(no, its not me really, it is of course the main cast of the Chronicles and the great crew who worked hard to make it, we do like to have fun though here on planet Edd)

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