Monday, 17 September 2012

Music Monday

Its music monday, lets get this shit on shall we? This week we are having a fire sale on soundtracks, just the best ones mind you...and no, I don't mean the ones with singing on them. We are talking the instrumental scores that fill the voids in films and sometimes, just sometimes, bring them to life.


War is 5% action and 95% sitting around or marching. That isn't a direct quote, no, I'm pretty sure we've all gripped I'm a lazy bastard, but the ideas is about right. No I couldn't tell you who said it, No I can't be arsed to look it up.

This is a soundtrack for a war film that sounds like nothing else in any other war film filmed that I'm aware of. It's devoid of rousing, patriotic themes and thundering tracks to fight to. No this is a soundtrack to compliment Terrance Malick's near three hour adaption of the book of the same title.

It's a depressing, soulful, tortured piece of music that sways through the horror of the battle for Guadamal Canal without ever glorifying war. It is a beautiful film. It is a stunning soundtrack.

I really feel you should own it. I would. I do.


Now this is the remake with George Clooney and Natasha McHardnameToSpell, directed by Steven Soderberg (whatever). Before you leap up and hit me with the paradox stick screaming 'NO! YOU FUCKING HYPOCRITE! YOU HATE REMAKES BY THERE VERY DEFINITION!', stop and wait. This one is different.

This one is amazing.

This film I love. Everything about it. Every second. Every arty cut and long pause. Every damn second of this film is something I love. Now the soundtrack? Same thing. Its soft, gentle, haunting, beautiful and totally captivating.

I know it probably isn't for everyone. Its very modern Tangerine Dream but I loved what they did. This however? I love this more.


The original Crow film had a kickass rock soundtrack that featured memorable tracks by memorable bands. As you may have guested that is not the soundtrack I'm going to recommend. Nope.

The instrumental soundtrack is full of that pain and mourning and sadness. It sweeps over you and sounds incredible but its not just a sad sound that reminds you of the plight of Eric Draven and his poor fiance. No. This has moments of tenderness, warmth, a sound that tells of the love of this couple, the love of the child that still misses them and the message that people are not gone. Never 'gone' forever.

Not if we remember them.


This is a great film filled with drama and romance, danger and suffering, hope and despair. The soundtrack in general is great but it reaches a peak that few ever do with the chase at the end. Uncas rushes to save Alice from Magwa, it doesn't all go according to plan.

Possible the saddest scene you'll ever see. The tragic nature of the new world played out in all its horror.

I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it.


Final one and yes, Its break the mold time! Every week I do four albums and an instrumental and so this week I do four Instrumental scores and a soundtrack that pounds you with classic songs! Huge sound! Hugely quotable! Film of the nineties? Yes! Its...


You already have this soundtrack. I know you do. You obviously do. Lets just slip back and hit the dusty shall we?

Back next week for more hits from the headcase. Hope to blog before then though.

Thanks for reading.

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